Superb animal bedding at competitive prices

If you’re looking for excellent animal bedding in Balsall Common, contact Gibbs Bros in Kenilworth.


Keep your animals warm and comfortable

If you’re a farm or animal owner, it will be high on your agenda to ensure your animals are kept warm and comfortable, especially over the colder months. With quality, soft wood shaving, animal bedding products from us, you can do just that, and without breaking the bank. We serve across Balsall Common. Contact us today if you wish to make an enquiry or place an order.

Quality animal bedding

All our bedding is made from soft wood shavings, and is suitable for a variety of animals, including horses, pigs and cattle. We’re equipped to supply you with any quantity of animal bedding that you might require, and our prices are astonishingly affordable. We also supply animal feeds and fuels.

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